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About Us


What Do You Want To Hear?

We play a little bit of everything. Our performances blend different styles of music together into a unique show. Every stage is special because every audience is different. 

We have one night together! Let's have fun and enjoy it.


Where's The Party?

We perform for everyone. That includes club gigs, corporate parties, festivals, graduations, weddings, marathons, backyard barbecues, rooftop shindigs, block parties, induction ceremonies, runway fashion shows, haunted houses, celebrity meet-and-greets, and of course, sold-out arenas. 

To be honest, we still haven't played a sold-out arena.


Why Do We Play Music?

We are professional musicians because we love to perform. We live for that moment when someone's eyes light up and they smile; when they clap their hands to the beat and sing along to every lyric. Every gig is an opportunity for us to make that moment happen, whether for the guest of honor or someone who we will never meet. Our favorite compliment is when someone tells us: "I didn't even want to go out tonight, but now I'm so glad that I did." 

Music brings us together in ways that nothing else can.


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